This web page is a real-time presentation of data from the Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) System operated by the Richmond Police Department’s Division of Emergency Communications. The types of calls-for-service include Traffic Accidents, Disabled Vehicles, and selective Hit & Runs. Selective Fire Incidents are posted when a large concentration of Fire Apparatus at a scene of an emergency might cause traffic disruption.

Through a cooperative agreement with the County of Henrico, and as an online convenience, this web application presents Henrico’s data on the same page with the City of Richmond’s.

In 2004, the City’s Division of Emergency Communications recognized the need to reduce calls by the media to the 911 Operations Center. To improve efficiency by enabling the 911 operators to concentrate on handling emergency calls, the City’s Department of Information Technology (DIT) developed a means to make Traffic information available to the news media and the general public via the Internet.

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Instructions for Use
The site refreshes itself automatically every 5 minutes. It may also be refreshed at any time by reselecting a designated area of the city or county, or by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

For both Richmond and Henrico, the default Area -- “ALL” -- displays incidents on a citywide or countywide level. A filter may be applied to city data to view only those incidents that have occurred North of the James River or South of the James River simply by selecting the appropriate radio button. A filter may be applied to the Henrico data to view only those incidents that have occurred East of Meadowbridge Road or West of Meadowbridge Road by selecting the respective button that reads “East” or “West”.

The information posted for each incident includes:
1. Location of the Incident
2. Type of Incident (Accident, Hit & Run, Disabled Vehicle, Building Fire, etc)
3. Status and Time of Status:
  • Awaiting Dispatch
(Call has been entered by the 911 call-taker and is in the Dispatch Queue for dispatch to Public Safety personnel)
  • Dispatched
(Call has been dispatched to Public Safety personnel and responders are en-route to the incident location)
  • On Scene
(At least one Public Safety responder has arrived on scene)
4. Remarks (Richmond only – Additional information by Public Safety responders before their arrival)

Links are provided from this page to:

  • VDOT's Interstate Highway cameras, and
  • the City of Richmond’s Planned Street Closures page.
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